Rolear Viva

Rolear Viva provides Natural Gas and Electricity in the liberalised energy market. Being a part of Rolear Group, Rolear Viva guarantees the supply of safe, high-quality energy solutions, at competitive prices, fully respecting the environment and sustainability, and promoting the well-being and satisfaction of our clients.


Energy experts. 


With more than 40 years in the Energy market, the Rolear Group offer of solutions that range from product and equipment supply, to piped gas distribution, commercialization of natural gas and electricity, construction, infrastructures, tweezers, and landscaping to all sorts of technical installations, maintenance, technical support and training.


Saving energy means saving money as well as assuming our share of environmental responsibility.

In the energy business since 1979, Rolear Group counts on a team of experts dedicated to identify actions to reduce consumption, promoting energy efficient systems in buildings, industrial sites, services, etc.

The process begins with analizing energy usage in order to identify steps aiming for a rational use of energy as well as enhance the performance in several types of facilities.

The search for efficiency is a great opportunity to reduce costs and having interesting benefits, and at the same time, to define the companies' commitment to the environment..



Reduce your costs easily and effectively



Guarantee optimal energy performance



Custom made energy solutions that fit your needs


Be Efficient

Trust a reference in the energy efficiency market

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