1. How can I contract with Rolear Viva?

You can do it in one of three ways:
a.  By filling out
our form
b.  You can send us an
email with your information
c.  You can go to one of our 10 
Rolear Mais stores 

2. What do I have to do to have electricity | natural gas supplied by Rolear Viva?

First of all, it is important to know your consumption levels and your daily habits in order to choose the tariff that best suits your profile. 
Secondly, don't forget to gather the documents for a new contract with us.

3. What documents do I need to contract with Rolear Viva?

a. You will have to provide us your passport data and also your portuguese taxpayer identification number.
b. The CPE (electricity supply point code) and/or CUI (natural gas supply point code).
c. One of the following documents:
Portuguese description of the property (caderneta predial)
Deed of purchase and sale
Promissory contract of purchase and sale
Rental contract
Contract of exploitation assignment/crossing
If you are not the contract holder, a power of attorney must be given us, in which the owner delegates to a third party the authorization to conclude the contract on his behalf.
d. IBAN (account number) in case you intend to pay your invoices by direct debit

4. Where do I get the CUI | CPE?

CUI stands for Universal Installation Code and identifies your natural gas installation home code. You can find this information in your last invoice issued.
If you do not have an active natural gas contract, you can request a CUI code with your Distribution Network Operator.

CPE stands for Delivery Point Code and identifies your electrical installation home code. You can find this information in your last invoice issued.
If you do not have an active electricity contract, you can request a CPE code from your Distribution Network Operator.

5. What is the best timetable option and tariff option for me?

The timetable option may differ according to your electricity consumption routines.
The timetable option is the way electricity is charged according to the consumption hours of the day. It is the timetable option that determines whether the price of electricity consumption is the same or whether there are more economical hours than others.
The timetable option can follow a weekly or daily cycle:
Daily cycle: time periods are the same every day of the year
Weekly cycle: economical time periods are different on weekdays and weekends

Regarding the tariffs, you can choose between three:
The Simple tariff: ideal for those who have the same consumption spread throughout the day.
The Bi-hourly tariff: ideal for those who have more than 40% of daily consumption between 10pm and 8am. If your energy consumption is higher after 10pm (for example, if you use a washing machine or electric oven from that time on) you can take the bi-hourly tariff as an option.
The Tri-Hourly tariff: ideal for those who have more than 20% of daily consumption between 10pm and 8am and do not consume in the periods between 9am-10.30am and from 6pm-20.30pm, since the rate in these periods is higher.

6. Is there a binding period?

No, in our contracts there is no binding period.

7. What costs are associated with the suppliers’ switching?

There are no costs associated with suppliers’ switching.

8. Is there an interruption of energy  when changing between different suppliers?

No, suppliers’ change does not imply any energy supply breakdown, you will not feel any change.
The supplier process change only implies contractual amendments, agreed with your new supplier.

9. Can I have social tariff?

For more information, please check all the information Social Rates.

10. What payment methods do I have available with Rolear Viva?

At Rolear Viva you can use the following payment methods: Direct Debit, SIBS, Bank Transfer and cash payment at our Rolear Mais stores

11. Why is it important for us to have your personal details  and consent?

Your personal information, provided to Rolear Viva, will allow us to present you all the conditions for the agreed contract/service execution, thus fulfilling all the legal obligations.





If you have any questions, please contact us on 808 919 992 or by e-mail contacto@rolearviva.pt

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