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Get the most out of your business with a different kind of energy.

We are committed to work in partnership with our clients, supporting them.

Rolear Viva is a brand of the Rolear Group that can also offer new solutions for energy and energy efficiency.

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How much you can save on Natural Gas?
Tailor made natural gas offers to fuel your business.



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1. Send your last natural gas invoice;

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There are clear advantages of Rolear for our partners, including:

  • Customised turnkey projects by our specialists team
  • System performance improvements and reduction of your electricity and/or natural gas bills
  • Initial investments offset by the cost reduction
  • Immediate structural reduction in production costs


Specialising in energy since 1979, Grupo Rolear has stores throughout Portugal and provides solutions that range from renewable energies to air conditioning, and from electrical material to lighting. 

When joining Natural Gas and Electricity services, you can rely on a team of experts to support you with the best energy efficiency solutions to your home or business. 

We can increase your competitiveness. Contact us to find out how 808 919 992 or by e-mail

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