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Electricity Plan

Single Charge
Contracted power capacity (kVA) Power capacity (€/day) Charges
1,15 0,1297 0,1632
2,30 0,1789 0,1632
3,45 0,2288 0,1632
4,60 0,2795 0,1632
5,75 0,3274 0,1632
6,90 0,3782 0,1632
10,35 0,5254 0,1632
13,80 0,6741 0,1632
17,25 0,8206 0,1632
20,70 0,9697 0,1632


Registration documents

Identity document number

Tax identity document number

Copy of natural gas inspection certificate or report

Copy of building deeds / Rental contract / Promissory purchase and sale contract

CPE (Código do Ponto de Energia / Energy Point Code)

If you have any questions during registration, please contact us on 808 919 992 or by e-mail

The above prices are subject to VAT at the applicable rate.

Prices shown above already include network access charges defined by ERSE.

Prices are valid until the 31/12/2020.

The fixed rate is updated yearly in January, based on the Consumer Price Index and published by INE (Instituto Nacional de Estatística).

The consumption-based rate can vary yearly in January based on changes in average prices for purchasing electricity in the Iberian energy market.