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Rolear Viva

About Us

Rolear Viva

Rolear Viva provides Natural Gas and Electricity in the liberalised energy market. Being a part of Rolear Group, Rolear Viva guarantees the supply of safe, high-quality energy solutions, at competitive prices and fully respecting the environment and sustainability, and promoting the well-being and satisfaction of our clients.

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Rolear Group’s several brands are noted for the excellence of their work in the different areas in which they are specialized, providing a range of outstanding quality integrated solutions.


Our mission is to provide essential resources to public and private premises in absolutely perfect conditions, enabling those who use our services to enjoy well-being day by day.

Because there is a lifestyle that attracts us: engage with loyal clients and improving society’s life standards.


Diversification and differentiation: these are the two strategic pillars that define Rolear Group’s work, with the ongoing aim of providing the best range of integrated solutions and technical capacity.

These are part of a philosophy that has been followed throughout the years; involving diversification of products and a focus on differentiation through quality of products and services provided.